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Arya: The Dragon's Quest

Read the Arya: The Dragon's Quest review in Acorn Arcade.

In an Acorn User review Graham Nelson said about Arya...
"...Arya is a much more sophisticated game than it first appears."
"Arya is better than it looks, and I'm enjoying it."
"it's an entertaining game, and not one that will be solved quickly."
"...is a bargain at only £6.50."
"Large and Fun"
"Beguiling photographs"
"There's a surprising variety of portable objects, some of which can be used in surprising ways."
"I found myself rather seduced by the countryside shots, the churches and the ruins."
In a recent review Acorn Arcade said...
"Very involving story."
"Overall, Arya is definitely more than 'just another text adventure game', and clearly a lot of work has gone into it."
"The text is broken up by some very nice digitised images, which look especially good in 32,000 colours. "

Acorn Gaming said...
"At a total cost of £6.50 this game is hardly likely to dent your wallet..."
"...you'd be hard pressed to lose out!"
A demo is available for download Here.

Arya can now be downloaded in sections, and a minimal version is now available.

Partial solutions for the Unregistered version are here.

Registered users can contact us with requests for help on the game it's self now. So if you get stuck then contact us here (or by snail mail, see the !Help file for our Address) and we will point you in the right direction.

Here are some screen shots of Arya, a text adventure with lots of graphics, graphical puzzles and many other features. It is shareware and costs £6.50 in the UK (There is a small additional cost for postage outside the UK, see the helpfile).

 Arya features 8/16 bit graphics (256 or 32000 colour graphics), a button bar, user definable function keys, graphical puzzles, textual puzzles, weather, time, combat, people who move about according to time and many, many other things as well.

 We are always willing to receive and act on bugs reported to us, so if you find any bugs/problems/etc with Arya (or indeed any of our software) or have any ideas/suggestions you'd like us to consider then please mail us and let us know.

Arya1 Arya2 Arya3
Arya1 (58K) Arya2 (46K) Arya3 (55K)



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